Established in 1938 and now controlled by ASTM, at the beginning of the ‘60s Itinera became part of Gavio Group, the fourth worldwide toll road operator, with 3.320 km of roads under concession.

tinera has been active in large-scale infrastructure projects and civil/industrial constructions for more than 75 years, in Italy and around the world, and it’s one of the top infrastructure players in terms of size, backlog and revenues, operating both as contractor and promoter of new initiatives on greenfield concessions.

Gavio Group is the main toll road operator in the NorthWest of Italy with approximately 1.460 km of network under concession and, through the acquisition of the joint control of Ecorodovias, manages approximately 1.860 km of roads in Brazil. Gavio Group is also active in transportation and logistics, engineering, energy and shipbuilding, with aggregate revenues of 2.6 billion euros and 10.000 employees.


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