Contact us EXID Exid S.r.l. is an Italian firm of architects, designers, engineers, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of Professional services. The Company was created in 2014 by merging eight architectural and engineering offices with thirty years of experience and consists of architects and engineers from various fields of architecture, urban planning, […]

Theatre Design

Contact us Theatre Design Theatre Design transforms your ideas into architectural and design projects proposing as a general contractor for a complete design and for Turnkey construction. Our philosophy is attributable to Walter Gropius’s citation “From traspoons up to the city” which one the famous architect was explaining that is important knowing design in all […]


Contact us Engineering Engineering Group designs,develops, and manages innovative solutions for the areas of business where digitalisation generates major change, such as digital finance, smart government & e-health, augmented cities, digital industry, smart energy & utilities, and digital media & communication. With approximately 12,000 professionals in 40+ locations (in Italy, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Serbia, Spain, […]

Radice | Made in Italy

Contact us Radice | Made in Italy Radice is a company specialized in the design and creation of interiors to be experienced and shared the world over This is a journey full of emotions, where you can truly take in the evolution of these abodes and a new way of living, where the project blends […]

Maffeis Engineering

Contact us Maffeis Engineering MAFFEIS ENGINEERING a multi-disciplined engineering firm, employingmore than 130 professionals comprising of architects, civil, mechanical, façade and structural engineers. As part of DAR Group, people are our principal asset. Through our complex training program with in-house and external courses, we invest in new energy and ambition to complement the experience of […]


Contact us Itinera Established in 1938 and now controlled by ASTM, at the beginning of the ‘60s Itinera became part of Gavio Group, the fourth worldwide toll road operator, with 3.320 km of roads under concession. tinera has been active in large-scale infrastructure projects and civil/industrial constructions for more than 75 years, in Italy and […]

Gavio Group

Contact us Gavio Group A global player in the infrastructure sector, with capabilities sourcing and financing, engineering, construction, advanced management. A leading Italian business Group €2.6 billion aggregate revenues 10.000 employees. The fourth-largest toll road operator in the world. One of the leading players in major infrastructure projects with a strategic focus on Private Public […]

Tibrutec Hub

Contact us Tiburtec Hub The Organisation of Tiburtec Hub operates in the fields of architecture, engineering, project construction management, building & facility management, design, events and IT. It is positioned on the market as a highly strategic consulting facility, characterized by an operating business model based on the integration of deeply specialized skills and professionalism. […]